AccessViolationExceptions and OutOfMemoryExceptions

Feb 15, 2011 at 3:18 PM

Hi guys,

Alright so I've tried everything I can think of - I can finally get the Window to load but as soon as it touches the webView I get AccessViolationExceptions and OutOfMemoryExceptions.

Since I don't have Visual Studio 2008 installed (and probably won't ever again) I used the pre-combiled AwesomiumWrapper that Koichi compiled. That got me building finally and allowed me to load the Window, however now I am stuck getting the aforementioned exceptions any time the webView is touched i.e. navigating initially etc... please help! :-) 

To clarify - I fail at "webCore.Update()" and "webView.LoadUrl()"...

My Environment:

Win 7 64 Professional


Thanks in advance,